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Publishing a book is a huge investment.
Until someone you’ve never met buys your book,
you really don’t know if you’re connecting with the reader in your target audience

...until now

Books are getting harder and harder to sell. AuthorTalk’s products help make sure books are read — cover to cover.
— Doug Gabbert | Former VP Sales | Waterbrook/Multnomah a division of Penguin Random House

What We Do

AuthorTalk™ helps publishers & authors make market-informed decisions through manuscript analysis services and book proposal coaching.



Target Reader Manuscript Analysis

The Target Reader Manuscript Analysis™ provides an independent & unbiased analysis of your manuscript.

Book Proposal Help

Talk to a publishing industry veteran & gain key insights into what publishers look for in a bestselling book. 

Writing Courses

Timeless techniques from masters in the craft of writing. Explore our courses to elevate your writing. 

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